Help restore your looks, health, energy and physical stamina to youthful levels!


Become immune to the passage of time! Enjoy the benefits of the most talked-about breakthrough EVER in anti-aging! GenF20™ HGH is a Human Growth Hormone releaser that helps replenish your body's lost levels of HGH (Youthfulness, Vitality and Attractiveness!)

Now one supplement works with your body, naturally, to address all these top health concerns to:

  • Help diminish the tell tale signs of aging... Wrinkles, crows feet, and laugh lines
  • Works to decrease fat, while increasing lean muscle
  • Improves the look and feel of skin
  • Help maintain healthy bone density, and fight weak porous bones
  • Powers up your brain, and maintain memory and focus
  • Boost your sex drive and performance
  • Tone and improve overall physical and mental well being
  • Sleep better
  • Help re-ignite energy
  • Fight overall body aging
  • Improve mood and mental sharpness
  • Promotes a more youthful look

Best of all, this technology is now available to you at a tiny fraction of the cost, with:

  • No injections
  • No painful blood monitoring
  • No doctor's office visits
  • No unpleasant side effects!

GenF20™ HGH:

Easy-to-swallow solu-capsules bring you the rich benefits of HGH.

HGH Immediate Benefits to You

Bottom line is this: When HGH decreases, AGING increases.

At the age of 25, the HGH level in the body is around 600ug. But by age 60, the amount can gradually go down to only 15% of that, or a mere 90ug or less. What's worse, many people have such an unbalanced and unhealthy diet that the 15% level can happen when they are only 40 years old! These people look saggy, worn out, and, well, just plain older!


HGH Immediate Benefits to You

Most hormones, like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, significantly decline as you age. Long ago, the medical community came up with ways to naturally or synthetically replace these hormones and to some extent slow the effects of aging. However, it's only been more recently that the focus has shifted to HGH. You see, HGH actually prevents biological aging! It's like your body is immune to the passage of time. And miraculously, the usual signs of aging, wrinkling, age spots, memory loss, loss of libido, and the inevitable "spread". HGH works to help turn back the hands of time on your body.

GenF20™ HGH works by revitalizing the function of the pituitary gland to deliver more growth hormone. Every amount of growth hormone replacement has significant effects -- substantially helping to support rebuilding and revitalizing all organs of the body. Everything just works better -- like a young person's body. GenF20™ HGH formula helps fool father time.


Has a positive impact on health problems, like stomach and lung conditions, including cholesterol and blood sugar

Reinvigorates and supports female and male sexual organs, and helps to enhance potency and pleasure

Fights extra body fat in the abdomen and legs

Improves skin texture and elasticity while helping to diminish the visible signs of skin aging... and there's more! HGH is also proven to:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Fight cholesterol levels
  • Improve immune system strength
  • Offer blood pressure support
  • Strengthen nails and hair
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Helps maintain healthy cardiovascular and respiratory functions
  • Fight body fat while firing up the body's metabolism
  • Help diminish the appearance of wrinkles & age spots
  • Restore hair condition and color
  • Help improve mild memory problems associated with aging
  • Elevate mood and improve sleep
  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Support clear healthy vision day and night
  • Enhance effects of exercise
  • Help promote strong bones and bone density
  • Fight blood pressure concerns

That's a long list of claims, we admit. But clinical tests have shown these effects in adults ranging in age from 30 to 90. HGH is remarkably helpful for a whole category of age-related complaints.

Dr. Chein of the Life Extension Institute studied 202 patients that he treated with HGH. Patients reported improvement in the following areas

  • Healing of other injuries 61%
  • Overall life outlook 78%
  • Exercise tolerance 81%
  • Healing capacity 71%
  • Skin elasticity 71%
  • Muscle size 81%
  • Hot flashes 58%
  • Strength, exercise & body fat, muscle strength 88%
  • Wrinkle disappearance 61%
  • Emotional stability 67%
  • New hair growth 38%
  • Skin thickness 68%
  • Back flexibility 83%
  • Body fat loss 82%
  • Memory 62%
  • Sexual function, sexual potency/frequency 75%
  • Energy, emotions & memory, energy level 84%
  • Resistance to common illness 73%
  • Skin & hair care, skin texture 71%
  • Duration of penile erection 62%
  • Menstrual cycle regulation 39%

Kay B says:

"I've spent fortunes on face creams and anti-aging serums… but using GenF20™ HGH is the first time I've tried turning back the clock from the inside out. It's also the last time I'll spend a fortune on face creams! Thanks for this great product".

Jud V. says:

"I have always been very afraid of aging, you know, becoming old and useless and unattractive. When I turned 50, I decided to do something about it. Now everyone says I look 35!".

Sue B. says:

"I feel worn out, and my skin and muscles are sagging. Please send me a full supply of GenF20™ HGH which was recommended to me by my friend who looks completely fabulous and is fit and active. If I could have a fraction of her energy and beauty I'll be ecstatic".

Marnie J. says:

I suffered from depression so severe that I hardly left my house for almost ten years. The constant fear and worry took their toll on my body and face. When I finally sought help, I felt as though I'd lost a big part of my life, and wished I could go back again. As part of my recent therapy, I've been introduced to GenF20™ HGH, and as much as anything, I attribute this product to my new appearance and outlook. I really do feel like the clock has been reset. Thank you, thank you for giving me back those years!".

Mark H. says:

"Restoring my former levels of fitness and energy with this product. Also have noted that my hair has stopped graying and thinning! This is after only 2 months on the HGH -- Will update you later on my progress".

Josh L. says:

"Is there anything worse than being an obsolete old man? I just couldn't accept this as my fate. GenF20™ HGH has totally turned me back from that path. It's no longer inevitable to become old, weak and incapable. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to prolong the "peak" part of their lives".

Dr. Jeff Hill says:

"I was recently introduced to your product GenF20 and have seen great results with my patients using it. I am often asked for nutritional product recommendations and highly recommend this product to my patients/ athletes. This product is beneficial for both athletes and patients undergoing rehab to enhance their full rehab potential. "