The answer, surprisingly, is yes.

There is a catch though. The products used on the hair must interact with hair follicles in a precise manner.

In order to achieve hair growth, the following three things must occur. The excess sebum that is clogging the hair follicles must be removed. Whatever is applied on the head, must reduce DHT levels. Finally, the hair follicles must be revitalized with increased blood circulation.

Some of the new hair loss treatment products can contain irritating ingredients or cause skin allergies. Even if the label on the new hair loss treatment product claims that it is hypoallergenic, your scalp can easily become irritated if it is overly sensitive to some substances. Profollica is the best product in the world, no irritating ingredients and never will cause skin allergies.


Are there any side effects associated with hair loss supplements?

Some users have reported slight stomach discomfort when taking hair loss supplements. This can usually be relieved by taking food with the supplements. No serious side effects have been reported as far as we know. The top-ranked products we review consist of all-natural ingredients that have not been shown to have any serious side effects.

Are hair loss supplements safe?

Yes. Most top herbal hair loss treatments are comprised of all-natural ingredients that do not include any harmful chemicals, hormones, steroids, or drugs. They must also be taken as directed on the label of each individual product.

Can women use herbal hair loss treatments?

No. Most herbal hair loss formulas are designed to inhibit DHT, which does not exist in large amounts in most females. At this time, DHT is not believed to lead to hair loss in women. Thus, most women will be better off trying a product like Rogaine.

Can I use herbal hair loss products at the same time I am using Propecia or Rogaine?

Yes. Hair loss supplements are considered safe when used with many other supplements and medications for the treatment of hair loss. Many users have reported great success using Propecia in conjunction with a herbal hair loss treatment, since both products target different phases of DHT production. Topical treatments such as Rogaine will not interfere with the effectiveness of other hair loss supplements and may help to increase the rate of hair re-growth.


Are the results of hair loss supplements permanent?

That depends. For some men, especially those who are younger, hair loss stops being a problem after using these treatments. For others, usually older, hair loss may resume after a certain time after the product is discontinued. Some trial and error is usually needed to discover the best program of hair loss supplementation for maximum efficiency.

How long will it be before I notice results?

Due to the number of factors that determine hair re-growth and hair loss cycles while taking these supplements, the time frame will vary for each person. It generally takes 3-6 months to reach maximum results, although we've seen some men respond quicker.

Company Information

Are the results of hair loss supplements guaranteed?

Yes, all of the products we reviewed come with some sort of 100% money back guarantee. If a company stands behind its product, they will offer a guarantee.

Are the companies offering hair loss supplements reputable?

Yes, most of the top ones are. The companies that made our list of the best hair loss treatments all seem to have strong reputations.

Do I need a prescription for herbal hair loss treatments?

No. The hair loss products reviewed on this site are offered as nutritional supplements and therefore do not require a prescription.

Maximizing Results

Can I take more than the recommended dosage if I want it to work better or faster?

No, this is not a strategy we would recommend. Leave it up to the manufacturer to decide how best to use their product. Recommended dosages will be printed clearly on the label.

How long should I use hair loss supplements?

Our study was conducted over 6 months and that is how long we would follow a program designed to stop hair loss and begin re-growth. Obviously, hair won't grow overnight, but you should expect to see results over a 6-month period.