“I first started losing my hair when I was 18. Of course, all my friends thought that it would be great fun to tease me about my bald spot. Eventually I got sick and tired of losing my hair and decided I had to do something about it. So I talked to my doctor. He prescribed me Rogaine™ . To my disappointment, I didn't get any results from using it. Then I heard about ProFollica™. I used it, and within 3 weeks I started seeing new hair.”

Charlie, Bakersfield, CA

“I decided to try ProFollica™ because it contained all natural ingredients and didn't have any nasty side effects. I'd tried another hair loss remedy before and had to stop because of the side effects. I'm now seeing my hair growing back in and I don't have any side effects.”

Jonathan, Toronto, ONT

“I used to wear a baseball cap everywhere I went. I wouldn't even take it off in restaurants. I'm now seeing significant amounts of hair re-growing. Thank you ProFollica™. You've given me back my life.”

Wendell, Salt Lake City, UT